Carrier Spending by State

The map below depicts the national vendor base for aircraft carriers. The spending numbers include purchase orders issued by Newport News Shipbuilding and contracts from the U.S. Navy directly awarded to companies over the past five years. More than 2,000 vendors with contracts worth more than $4.1 billion support local economies in 279 congressional districts nationwide. As the map demonstrates, stability in aircraft carrier programs is critical not only to our national security but to our shipbuilding industrial base as well.

  • Mouse over any highlighted state to see the total carrier spending for that state.
  • Click on a state to view the individual companies in the state that are contributing to the aircraft carrier industry, as well as carrier spending by congressional district.

If you would like more information on the aircraft carrier programs, and how their value to our nation goes well beyond the vendor base shown here, please contact the ACIBC at

Carrier Spending by State: 2014 – 2018

Updated: March 2019

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