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USS Gerald R. Ford Making Steady Progress Ahead of Deployment

Discussing how CVN 78 can go from its highest speed to an emergency stop within the length of four ships, Capt. J.J. Cummings, Commanding Officer said “For a 90,000-ton ship, that’s pretty amazing. And that’s a direct result of the automatic throttles downstairs – makes this thing very responsive to speed, and then stopping power is an automatic feature of those throttles.”

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As Supercarrier Ford Launches Largest-Ever Flight Ops, Leaders Try Out New Ways to Fight

While the Navy’s newest class of super-carrier has the same overall footprint as the predecessor class, its use of space is different: The Ford’s “island,” which houses its command center, is set 140 feet further aft and has been slightly redesigned. It creates a more substantial stretch of aircraft flight line at the fore, with five usable acres compared with the Nimitz’s four and a half.

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