Representing more than 2,000 companies in 46 states, ACIBC advocates to their Members of Congress for adequate funding and legislation to support the construction and maintenance of aircraft carriers. These companies depend on a steady and predictable carrier-program schedule, which is authorized and appropriated by Congress. For legislative resources and information to share with elected officials, please go to our resources page.


The decision to cancel the CVN 75 RCOH will reduce the size of the carrier fleet for decades and negatively impact our Navy’s ability to provide aircraft carriers in times of crisis. This decision retires CVN 75 with 25 years of remaining service life, inserts considerable instability into the shipbuilding industrial base, and decreases supplier material and services purchase order values by approximately $350 million. It will also drive significantly higher costs on other Navy shipbuilding and maintenance programs at Newport News Shipbuilding.

Fully funding the acquisition of Enterprise (CVN 80) and CVN 81 as a two-ship buy will result in more than $4 billion in savings when compared to acquiring the ships on individual contracts. Continuing future aircraft carrier procurement on three- to four-year construction intervals will enable the Navy to achieve and maintain the desired fleet of 12 aircraft carriers and provide stability to the industrial base allowing for continued efficiencies and cost reduction.

Now, more than any time in the past few decades, our nation needs a strong Navy. The modern Carrier Strike Group (CSG) provides the widest range of offensive and defensive capabilities in a self-contained, highly survivable and sustainable package.


Aircraft carriers are built and maintained with parts built by over 2,000 businesses spread out across the United States– helping inject $5.57 billion and over 51,000 jobs in communities across the country.

As the map below demonstrates, stability in aircraft carrier programs is critical not only to our national security, but also to the shipbuilding industrial base as well.

Data reflects spending between 2014-2018. Last updated March 2019.

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