Small Business Resources

The Aircraft Carrier Industrial Base Coalition (ACIBC) always aims to share information that helps our members navigate the industry. Click to learn more about small business resources, including the ATDM Program, Cybersecurity readiness, and more.

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ACIBC Supplier Survey Infographic

ACIBC recently performed an analysis on the health, capacity, and future of the nuclear-powered U.S. Navy aircraft carrier industrial base. The findings of the ACIBC analysis focus on challenges to the industrial base, and how to sustain and maintain the nation’s shipbuilding capabilities, which are a national security imperative.

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ACIBC Legislative Ask Sheet

Read more about ACIBC’s key legislative priorities for this year, including augmenting the President’s FY25 Budget request by authorizing and appropriating $175M of advance-procurement funding to procure long lead time material and commodities for CVN 82/83 to ensure stability and continuity in the nuclear shipbuilding industrial base (Shipbuilding and Conversion, Navy (SCN) Line 5).

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US Navy Talent Pipeline Program

The Defense Industrial Base Talent Pipeline Program (TPP)’s mission is to energize and engage the American economy by creating and sustaining a maritime and defense industrial base focused talent pipeline that enables employers to re-capitalize their workforce through recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining skilled workforce members with critical trade skills for 1-year as productive and engaged new employees.

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