Representative Kevin Hern Visits U.S. Pioneer in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, OK —Representative Kevin Hern (R-OK-01) visited U.S. Pioneer in Tulsa, OK to see firsthand the skilled jobs and businesses that the production of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers brings to the region. U.S. Pioneer is a major supplier for the aircraft carrier program and provides electrical equipment, including fiberoptic interconnection boxes, patch panels and splice tray holders. Most recently, U.S. Pioneer has provided these fiberoptic components in addition to rotary switches, door switches, and other electrical units in support of the construction of the latest Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier currently under construction, John F. Kennedy (CVN 79).

With the announcement of the U.S. Navy’s contract award to Huntington Ingalls Industries for the construction of the next two Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carriers, CVN 80 and CVN 81, it’s an exciting time for U.S. Pioneer and the work that the company does for the construction of these ships. The purchase of two aircraft carriers at once will stimulate the aircraft carrier supplier base of more than 2,000 suppliers in 46 states, allowing businesses to phase in work more efficiently.

“Today’s tour was a great opportunity to see firsthand the skill and talent that we have in Oklahoma working to protect our nation,” said Representative Kevin Hern. “Local manufacturers and businesses play a giant role in America’s progress. It’s exciting to know that the people of Oklahoma’s First District will be working to benefit our Navy and our country in this way.”

Currently, eight aircraft carrier suppliers in Oklahoma contribute more than $4 million worth of parts and services for the aircraft carrier program per vessel.

“We were honored to have Rep. Hern visit our facility. We may only be a small business in Oklahoma’s Congressional District 1, but it’s small businesses that form the backbone of our economy,” said Josh Bryan, Sales Manager at U.S. Pioneer, Inc. “We were glad to show Rep. Hern how the support of building more aircraft carriers will not only benefit our nation’s Navy, but also how it flows down to benefiting local manufacturers such as us. We take pride in knowing that we manufacture quality products that will be used by our service men and women in the Navy and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share what we do with Rep. Hern.”

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